Audiences and Musicians Sound Off About Live Music

Many thanks to everyone who has written to us to tell us why live music on Broadway matters to them.  We’ve received spirited, heartfelt comments through this website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter.  Here is a sample of what you, the audience, have to say about saving live music on Broadway:


I have never been to New York and, now that I am living on the East Coast, going to a Broadway musical is one of my dreams. However, I am worried that I will not have the chance to experience a musical with an orchestra. It is sad that theatre companies discourage potential patrons like me.

— Anne


I hate taped music on Broadway shows, whether on the Great White Way or on tour. It reduces the experience to rote performances…  I’d just as soon download Chicago from iTunes or listen to my old CD.

— Cathy


I was the bassist at [Broadway on Broadway] and none of the Priscilla creative team seemed the least bit artistically compromised by the number of live musicians.

— Randy


Shows with canned music don’t even come close to creating the experience that audiences are paying for, whether it’s in a local small theater with a 5-piece band, or a full Broadway theater with a magnificent 30-piece orchestra like South Pacific.

— Matthew


Prospective audience will not want to spend their hard earned dollar on canned music; they can have it for free in elevators.

— Bevan


The point of coming to New York to go to a Broadway show is to see a live performance and that includes live music.  Hey Producers – tell New York hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums that I won’t be coming.

— Jeff


I will never, ever forget the joy and power of hearing [West Side Story] performed live, feeling how that live music reinforced the fabric of the story and witnessing the interaction between live orchestra and performers.  It was an unforgettable experience that reinforced, for me, the magic of the Broadway musical.

— Peter


When we launched this campaign on Sunday, we knew this issue was important, but we never imagined we’d get such overwhelming support from all over the world!  These inspiring comments are part of why we here at the Save Live Music on Broadway team are so proud to be fighting for the artistic integrity of live music.  Keep them coming and we will make sure they are seen by the Broadway League and the producers of Priscilla — and you too might see your comments here on our website!


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