More of the Audience Sounds Off About Live Music

Below we have a small sample of the positive comments and stories that have been coming in from all over the world in support of keeping Broadway music live:

“I am a musician, have played many shows on Broadway and one of the best experiences was playing ‘A Christmas Carol’ where the orchestra was in full view. Families would come down after the show to get a chance to talk to the musicians; parents would show their kids the instruments they played, etc. I really want to see the tradition of live musicians playing live music continue on Broadway.” – Janet

“At the age of 4, my parents introduced me to musical theatre recordings. I have a VERY clear memory of listening to the overture to the original cast album of Mame — the first downbeat of the orchestra still gives me chills. I also was fortunate in my career to dance in the Opera Carolina 1989 production of Carmen. During our first run-through on stage with the FULL orchestra, their power of their sound resonated through every part of the theatre and literally blew the main curtain back three feet. Nothing… I repeat, NOTHING can ever (or will ever as long as I live) take the place of a full, LIVE orchestra.” – David

“Paintings are nothing without painters, sculptures are nothing without sculptors, books are nothing without writers, designs are nothing without designers, and music is nothing without musicians. Art, in any form, is nothing without the artists who create it.” – Heather

It is so rewarding to hear that there are so many people supporting the cause of keeping musicals live! We’ve even got a few letters from high school and college students asking about internship and volunteering opportunities. While we really appreciate that passion for live music, there are unfortunately no internship opportunities at this time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Remember that the producers who are replacing live music with recordings would prefer if no one knew, so spread the word! Use your social networks to let everyone know about the threat to live music. Send the website link to your friends, and remember to follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook! Thanks again to everyone who wrote in; it is dedicated and impassioned supporters like you that will win this fight!

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