Give The People What They Want: Live Music!

The success of the campaign to keep Broadway live has gone worldwide: theater fans have come to this site from 113 different countries!  Comments continue to pour in, telling us how much live music means to them.  Below are some more of our favorites.  If you support this cause, please urge your friends to sign the petition!

What You’re Telling Us:

“I know as well as any other person that’s seen a show from that close up that live music IS Broadway. The music fills the theatre, something a recording could never do.” – Katie

“I’m saving up for a flight to New York for the sole purpose of seeing a show… I hope we can save live music on Broadway so when I finally see my first show there I’m not disappointed” – Jonathan

“Live music in any show is important, whether it be in Broadway theater, a cafe, a small recital space, or in Carnegie Hall. The passion of the musicians is manifested in their music and we, as audience members, receive it. That is the ultimate gift, for an artist to share what they do and move people with their work. Canned music in our theatrical productions would kill that passion; extinguishing that spark that makes us all thrive.” – Anna

Thanks for writing, Broadway fans!  The chorus of support for keeping Broadway live continues to grow.  We need to remind anyone who may be thinking about replacing live music that fans are not easily fooled, that we will continue to demand the irreplaceable experience of live musical theater.  So keep your comments coming, everyone, and we will keep sharing them with the world!

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