Broadway Audiences Know Live Music is Irreplaceable


Broadway fans the world over continue to send us stories about how live music has touched their lives.  It is so inspiring to know how much live music means to so many people.


What You’re Telling Us:


“I remember seeing West Side Story when it came to the Winter Garden Theater for the second time in the early ’60s due to popular demand.  When the conductor took his position and the overture began with the music from the ‘Tonight Quintet,’ it was electrifying.  The sound of the orchestra in the rumble scene was so frightening, it moved me to tears.  This would never happen with a robot orchestra. I am so glad I saw it before this travesty happening now on Broadway began.”



“Having been in a pit orchestra before for my high school’s musical, I can definitely say that it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had…   recording does not have the same touch and emotion that an actual musician can put into music.”



“I’ll never forget what seemed like a hundred or so audience members hanging around to listen to the orchestra play what I think was supposed to be exit music. These musicians were so good, that the rail adjacent to the pit was lined with patrons watching the orchestra play. They were fantastic and received a rousing applause of appreciation from those that stayed around to listen.  Now THAT is something you’d NEVER get with canned music.”



Reading stories like this reminds us of the true magic of seeing a live musical on Broadway.  Keep sending your stories in, and we will keep sharing them!


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