Broadway Fans’ Passion for Live Music Continues to Amaze


When producers of Broadway’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert decided to use a recorded string section, they had no idea it would unite musical fans across the world in a campaign to keep Broadway live!  The passion of Broadway fans continues to amaze: we’ve gotten over 13,000 fans on Facebook!  Thank you so much to everyone who has shared the page and the petition with their friends, this campaign’s success ultimately depends on you!  We also have to give an extra round of applause to everyone who continues to write in with personal stories of how much live music on Broadway means to them.  Below are some more of your comments.


What You’re Telling Us:


“I’m pretty sure my first Broadway musical was Me and My Girl when I was about four. Since then, I’ve seen dozens of shows both on and off Broadway and performed in pit orchestras for both school and community theatres. As a musician, I’ve seen the quirks of live performances, and recorded or synthesized music just can’t react to a dropped verse or a costume crisis the way live pits can. Keep the entire Broadway experience as it’s meant to be: live.”



“Musicals are about music. All music, not just vocal performances. The energy that comes from an all live musical performance does not compare to someone singing along to a CD. They might as well pipe in the vocalists as well and just have people lip-syncing on stage, or better yet, just pre-record the lip-syncing performances and show them. Oh, wait, that’s already done: it’s called the movies! Keep Broadway live.”



“Part of the fascination for me when watching a musical like Wicked or Phantom of the Opera, as a string player, is watching the conductor time everything perfectly with the actors. There’s an elegance and an art to that kind of coordination that is just as impressive as any choreography I’ve ever seen.”



“Many years ago I visited Broadway for the first time where friends of mine talked me into seeing The Scarlet Pimpernel.   Having never seen a live musical before I was not expecting much; however, I was overwhelmed by the middle of the first act and swept up into the music.  It was breathtaking, to say the least.  The live performance added excitement to the music, much more than any recording could very produce.”




Thanks again to Joanna, Stephanie, Dennis, Katie, and everyone else who has written to tell us how much the power of live music has affected them!  Keep your stories coming, and we’ll keep posting them.


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