Prerecorded Priscilla’s Persistent Plummet

Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the musical which has sparked controversy over its producers’ decision to use recorded strings instead of giving the audience the full live musical experience you expect on Broadway, has continued to see their weekly box office gross fall.  Perhaps more people are asking that key question, “But is it live?” before spending their hard-earned cash on a Broadway show.  Or perhaps people are reading the reviews which panned it for being “synthetic to the core” (Time Out New York) and ““mechanical and monotonous” (The New York Times).   Given the failure of this overpriced karaoke show to gain traction, it is not surprising that one of Priscilla’s producers is now singing the praises of live music, as documented in a previous post.  Hopefully this serves as a wake-up call to any other shortsighted producers who would sell audiences a subpar experience in order to squeeze out a few extra dollars in profits.

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