Fans Remember Favorite Broadway Performances

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite Broadway performances.  Here are some of your replies:


“The orchestra for Wicked blew me away. The extremely high caliber of musicianship and the terrific writing were superb and not to be forgotten.”  – Sue


“The Roundabout Theatre’s 1998 revival of Cabaret starring Alan Cumming, Natasha Richardson, John Benjamin Hickey and Denis O’Hare.  Without a doubt.  And the live music was part of the Cabaret set and absolutely essential!” – Maureen


“I love The Phantom of the Opera! I have seen the show 4 times and I just saw the 25th anniversary concert. It’s a huge part of my life and a part of who I am.” – Julia


“I convinced my 17 year old daughter to see Les Mis with me, rather than her first choice. As we left the theatre, she looked at me and said ‘Mom, I totally understand why you wanted to see Les Mis again. Thanks for making me go!’” – Kathleen


It is great to read the stories of so many passionate fans of the Broadway musical.  So many people have been touched by the magic of musical theater.  This is why it is essential that we fight to preserve the tradition of live music for future generations.  Please take a moment to sign and share our petition to keep Broadway live, so that we can all continue to enjoy the breathtaking performances only a Broadway musical with a live orchestra can provide!

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