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Prerecorded Priscilla’s Box Office Woes Continue

As we’ve previously noted, the grosses for Priscilla Queen of the Desert have tumbled downwards in recent months.  This marks the third consecutive month of falling revenue for the first Broadway show to replace live music with recordings.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Priscilla’s Downward Spiral

Broadway audiences are rejecting recorded music.  As seen above, Priscilla Queen of The Desert, the first musical in the history of Broadway to use recordings in the place of live music, has been experiencing falling revenues.  The average weekly gross … Continue reading

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Broadway Lyricist Michael Korie on “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”

I saw “Priscilla” a few months ago and at the time didn’t realize that the orchestra was partially taped — but I did notice how tacky it sounded, and how the sound was disconcertingly canned.  All coming through those banks of speakers, … Continue reading

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Disco Veteran Coati Mundi (Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band) on Strings in Disco

“Back in the disco days STRINGS were front and center.  They were an integral part of the music thus they were figured into the recording budgets automatically. Strings were prominently featured in many of the disco classics like ‘Fly Robin … Continue reading

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Disco Strings!

Here is Donna Summer performing live with a huge orchestra.  She sounds spectacular!  Who says live music can’t accompany disco songs? Thanks to Jackie for bringing this to our attention via our Facebook wall!

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