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Made In China: Outsourcing Live Music

As regular readers of this website know, the replacement of live music with recordings is not only affecting fans of Broadway; it has become increasingly common in the world of ballet.  As we reported earlier this year, the Washington Ballet … Continue reading

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Canning Tchaikovsky

The threat to live music on Broadway, which goes back decades but is now rapidly escalating, is part of an unfortunate trend around the world.  A few months back we reported on the replacement of live music in several shows … Continue reading

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The Decades-Old Battle for Broadway

The ongoing struggle to keep Broadway music live actually goes back long before this year’s controversy over Priscilla’s use of recorded strings or last year’s decision by West Side Story producers to dilute Leonard Bernstein’s classic composition with synthesizers.  Back … Continue reading

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“But Is It Live?”

The current controversy over the decision by producers of Broadway’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert to use recordings in place of string musicians is not the first such situation to create a stir.  Last year, after playing over 500 shows, … Continue reading

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NY ♥ Live Music

Countless tourists have traveled to New York from across the globe in order to see live musicals on Broadway.  Live music has always been a major draw.  The thrill of seeing a live show on Broadway is the basis of … Continue reading

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Bollocks! Even British Musicals Are Using Recorded Music!

Outside of New York, the most important city in the world for musical theater is London. Regrettably, the home to the world’s most famous theater, Shakespeare’s Globe, also faces the erosion of live musical theater through the use of recorded … Continue reading

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Disco Veteran Coati Mundi (Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band) on Strings in Disco

“Back in the disco days STRINGS were front and center.  They were an integral part of the music thus they were figured into the recording budgets automatically. Strings were prominently featured in many of the disco classics like ‘Fly Robin … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Priscilla Turn Broadway Into the Queen of the Musical Desert!

Some Broadway producers apparently don’t care about the critical interplay between musicians and musical performers that gives Broadway shows their special emotional spark. They would rather insult your taste with recorded music than give you the live show you paid … Continue reading

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