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Why is the Paul Taylor Company dancing at Lincoln Center to canned music?

As we’ve reported before, musical theater is not the only art form threatened by the use of recorded music: dance is also a frequent target of those willing to sacrifice artistic integrity for a few extra dollars.   We were saddened … Continue reading

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Sound Science: Why We Prefer Live Music

Like most people, you’d probably rather see live music performed than listen to a recording.  But do you know why?  Actually, it is in part because we get visual cues from seeing musicians perform.  These cues inform how we feel … Continue reading

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Prerecorded Production’s Profits Plunge

The controversial Priscilla Queen of the Desert, which has drawn fire for using a recorded string section in the place of live music, continues to see its grosses fall.  Last month saw the biggest drop in Priscilla’s average weekly take … Continue reading

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Canning Tchaikovsky

The threat to live music on Broadway, which goes back decades but is now rapidly escalating, is part of an unfortunate trend around the world.  A few months back we reported on the replacement of live music in several shows … Continue reading

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The Decades-Old Battle for Broadway

The ongoing struggle to keep Broadway music live actually goes back long before this year’s controversy over Priscilla’s use of recorded strings or last year’s decision by West Side Story producers to dilute Leonard Bernstein’s classic composition with synthesizers.  Back … Continue reading

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“But Is It Live?”

The current controversy over the decision by producers of Broadway’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert to use recordings in place of string musicians is not the first such situation to create a stir.  Last year, after playing over 500 shows, … Continue reading

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Campaign to Keep Broadway Live Heats Up!

  Like New York City in the summer, the campaign to keep Broadway live just keeps getting hotter!  We are rapidly approaching 5,000 signatures to our petition demanding Broadway producers give you the robust musical experience you pay for and … Continue reading

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The Authentic Musical Experience

This New York Times review of the fully-orchestrated version of Annie Get Your Gun at the Glimmerglass Festival really illustrates the startling power you can only get from a truly live musical: “Speaking of doing things naturally, this production uses … Continue reading

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Broadway Fans’ Passion for Live Music Continues to Amaze

  When producers of Broadway’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert decided to use a recorded string section, they had no idea it would unite musical fans across the world in a campaign to keep Broadway live!  The passion of Broadway … Continue reading

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Broadway Audiences Know Live Music is Irreplaceable

  Broadway fans the world over continue to send us stories about how live music has touched their lives.  It is so inspiring to know how much live music means to so many people.   What You’re Telling Us:   … Continue reading

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